About Myong

MYONG is the Executive Chef-Owner who creates amazing food for foodies and evening dining devotees.

“When I was 6 years old, I remember planting our own vegetables, chasing chickens around my village, staying clear of the oxen and being incessantly stalked by our rooster. For me, everything has always been about sustainable fresh food; it’s all I ever knew. Everything is seasonal and you can't force nature just for the sake of "marketing". This is why my menu changes often. To me, the “Farm-to-Table” trend is a little out of hand. It has become more about marketing and less about nature. Natural cooking with seasonable foods is my way of life. I don't follow trends. I follow Korean traditions and natural lifestyles. I do this for me, and it’s a privilege to be able to do this for you. My food has always reflected your desires and requests. It's my aspiration to offer "clean" and distinctive, emotional cooking where local vegetables and exotic spices are realized as my interpretation of “Progressive World Cuisine". Our staff loves to please, but mostly we love your smiles as you dine at my new restaurant. ~Myong.

In 2002, Myong created a line of sauces, and taught cooking classes to eager students. It then grew to a small cafe at a fitness club in Bedford Hills. Many of you know her from there. After a year, the desire to do more grew into a small store-front in Mt. Kisco. There, Myong learned that customers truly want to eat food prepared natural and uniquely yet are familiar. From there, Myong’s adventure of food and fantasy was launched.

Cooking for some is following a recipe from a book or magazine. Myong owns no cookbooks; not one! Every recipe is in her head, even those yet to be created. Naturally, inspiration comes from other sources, but every dish she prepares is from her heart, soul and palate. Some collaboration comes from her husband, Rob, and customers make suggestions and requests. Myong listens to everyone. Each dish is an evolution, a small seed that either blossoms or withers. Most of the time her creations are fabulous and become a new dish in the gourmet case or join Myong’s lunch or dinner menu.

In February of 2011, Myong opened Myong Gourmet, Fine Casual Dining, the café, and catering. Seasonal dishes and fresh everything is the standard, period! There is no compromise. In June, the NY TIMES gave Myong Gourmet a terrific review calling the restaurant “WORTH IT” which is amazing for a new restaurant. Myong and the staff continue to evolve and are pleasing a quickly growing clientele.