Our Philosophy

In a restaurant, everything starts with water: soups, cooking, coffee and teas, even ice… everything. We take great pride in saying how amazing our water tastes We have installed the finest custom multi-stage water filtration systems to achieve what we believe the standard of water should be. Water and filtration was among the first considerations because bad water makes everything taste bad. This is only the beginning of a philosophy born
in excellence.

Myong Gourmet is NOT a Fusion or Pan-Asian restaurant. We are Global and New American Cuisine. We take the best spices, imported from India, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Japan and the US. They are combined with the freshest ingredients and herbs from local farms when available; organic meat purveyors; and fish fresh off the boat to bring to your table amazing dishes. House made pastas and sauces, demi’s and marinades are always created from scratch there are simply no shortcuts to great food. If local and organic is available we'll get it but we are also conscience of keeping our prices affordable too. We love cooking, we love pleasing, and this is what makes us different and special!

We serve Organic free range Chicken, Hudson Valley Duck, great fish, seafood and clams which leads to dishes like: our Fire Wok; Miso Marinated Black Cod or Grouper; Grilled or pan seared Wild Alaska Salmon. Fresh Day Boat Scallops and Pat LaFrieda Beef give us a level of quality with the ability to offer taste and quality that stands as a benchmark where there is no compromise in anything that comes from the Myong Gourmet kitchen. We have the same philosophy toward your children. At your request, we’ve crafted a Children's Menu that offers the same excellence of food specially designed for smaller appetites. There are menu-wide over 20 Gluten Free selections and Myong has many vegetarian and vegan options as well.

MYONG GOURMET has a full Liquor license offering spirits, exotic cocktails and beer plus over 20 different wines-by-the-glass. Cocktails change with the seasonal menus so we always have something interesting. There is a Reserve List that includes: James Berry, Caymus, Opus One, Cru, Cayuse Vineyards, Kongsgaard, and many other boutique and hard to find selections.

For dessert, the try the warm apple dessert, which MYONG calls apple perfection or any of the other special desserts show up unannounced and are all made in house.

Enjoy the soft jazz and the dramatic theatre lighting of the dining room. MYONG’s signature décor in red, black and stainless steel punctuate MYONG’s beautiful food presentation and performance that takes you on Myong’s culinary journey with you as the passenger.